Earthquake rattles Charlevoix region with 3.4 magnitude tremor

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The earthquake's epicentre is seven kilometres west of La Malbaie. (Radio-Canada)

An earthquake shook the Charlevoix region on Monday morning, it registered a magnitude of 3.4 according to Earthquakes Canada.

That counts as a mild tremor on the logarithmic earthquake scale, albeit intense enough to rattle crockery and windows.

The quake was recorded at 9:19 a.m. and was most strongly felt in La Malbaie, Les Éboulements and Baie-Saint-Paul.

Its epicentre is very close to the shores of the St. Lawrence river, seven kilometres west of La Malbaie, the federal agency said.

The focus, the point where the earthquake started, is 10 kilometres deep.

Residents of the Charlevoix region felt other small tremors within minutes of the first quake, but no significant damage was reported.

Earthquakes Canada
Earthquakes Canada

Another 3.5 magnitude earthquake took place at virtually the same location in August.

An active seismic zone

The Charlevoix-Kamouraska seismic zone is also the most active in the eastern part of the country, according to Earthquakes Canada.

The strongest earthquake recorded by a seismograph in the area occurred on Feb. 28, 1925. The 6.2-magnitude earthquake was one of the most powerful to hit Canada in the 20th century.

That earthquake was felt 1,000 kilometres away and caused extensive damage in Quebec City, especially at the Gare du Palais, which was partially destroyed.