East Ferris Trade Show will raise funds for Ukrainian family

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There are so many reasons to head to the East Ferris Trade Show this Saturday, May 28th, and now you can add another, because organizers are helping to raise funds to help a mother and daughter who fled the war in Ukraine for the safety of Corbeil.

So be sure to make your way to the East Ferris Community Centre for 9 a.m., and definitely before 4 p.m., because that’s when the day comes to an end.

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Karen Haines and her mother Ruth are hosting Tetiana and her daughter Valeriia, who arrived from Ukraine earlier this spring “with little more than their suitcases” in hand, the municipality of East Ferris explained in a recent release.

“My daughter and I never expected that our lives in Ukraine would be destroyed,” Tetiana said. “Everyday we worry about the well-being of our family and friends,” but she is “so grateful to be in a safe place with kind people.”

The municipality has been a strong supporter of Ukraine, and on March 18th, Mayor Pauline Rochefort and council members raised a flag outside of the community centre to show “solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

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Mayor and council also donated to Tetiana and Valeriia on behalf of the municipality. Tomorrow, to open the annual trade show, members of council will open the event with a mention of Corbeil’s newest residents and urge people to donate to help them become established within the community.

One can donate at the event or contribute at another time at the East Ferris Municipal office or through a Go Fund Me page Haines set up called East Ferris Go Fund Me for Ukrainian Newcomers.

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David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, BayToday.ca

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