East Ridge development sees planning report accepted during recent meeting

BROCKTON – Council accepted the planning report on a revision to a draft plan of subdivision for Barry’s Construction that will see a medium-density development consisting primarily of townhouses – in all, 120 townhouses and 15 detached units. A bylaw will be coming forward.

The area in question is located in the East Ridge area and includes some of the Minister’s Zoning Order lands.

As was noted in the report prepared by Bruce County planner Monica Walker-Bolton and presented by Jack Van Dorp, manager of land use planning for Bruce County March 7, this application has history. There have been several extensions granted to the applicant over the years.

This latest one definitely caught the interest of council. Deputy Mayor James Lang said, “I appreciate this and am excited to see it move forward.”

Coun. Carl Kuhnke commented on the lengthy history of this draft plan of subdivision and the increase in the density of the development. He said that it’s “a great thing.”

Coun. Kym Hutcheon asked when council could expect to see “shovels in the ground.”

Stuart Doyle, the developer, said, “by the end of the year, hopefully.”

Mayor Chris Peabody said he appreciates “the commitment to Brockton” by Barry’s Construction, and looks forward to the partnership as the subdivision takes shape.

The mayor commented in an earlier interview that this type of townhouse development makes home ownership a possibility for more families. These aren’t subsidized units, but the prices will be more affordable than for detached homes.

The plan of subdivision first received approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in 1991. The report stated there have been several extensions over the years, and a major revision granted by the county in 2017 that included 63 lots for detached dwellings and 12 lots for townhouse development.

The current revision includes the addition of lands acquired from the municipality for development of 22 townhouse lots.

The Bruce County Official Plan requires that in subdivision developments of more than 10 units, 30 per cent or more of the units must be of medium or high density. This plan of subdivision has 89 per cent at medium density, more than meeting the requirements.

The report stated, “Overall, the major amendment to the draft plan of subdivision is an improvement to the draft plan because the changes bring the plan into conformity with the policies of the Bruce County Official Plan for density and will allow for efficient use of municipally serviced land.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times