'EastEnders' fans are seriously unhappy with this character

Close up detail of an Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders. (BBC)

EastEnders fans are seriously annoyed with Lola Pearce as she wasted no time snogging her ex Peter Beale, just hours after turning down Jay Brown’s marriage proposal.

Lola - who’s played by Danielle Harold in the BBC soap - is currently pregnant with Jay’s baby. But while Jay is desperate to become a dad, Lola has no intention of having another child just yet.

Jay hoped he could change her mind by getting down on one knee, but Lola tried to gently let him down.

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Unfortunately Jay didn’t take her refusal very well at all and yelled at her to forget everything between them as he clearly wasn’t enough for her.

Lola is stunned as Jay asks her to marry him in EastEnders

An upset Lola, who had already flirted with Peter as he trained Habiba Ahmed on the Square, headed off to drown her sorrows.

It wasn’t long before Peter found her and offered her a shoulder to cry on. Along with a few massive shots of straight vodka courtesy of his new job at The Prince Albert.

And, predictably, it was only a matter of time before Lola and Peter were kissing up against a wall.

Poor Jay.

Fans took to Twitter to share their disgust at Lola’s attitude and at Peter for making a move on his vulnerable ex.

Lola and Peter kiss just hours after Jay proposed to her.

One viewer tweeted: “My heart is absolutely broken for jay poor jay.”

While another agreed, saying: “Bloody heck Lola, you had a good man in Jay!”

Others blamed Peter for the betrayal, with one angry watcher saying: “Peter has wanted that since he got back he is a snake.”

Another added: “Peter is such a pig.”

And a third fumed: “Hi Peter, I missed you. But after that, I want you to scuttle off back to New Zealand. Please and thanks.”

Peter - played by newcomer Dayle Hudson - returned during the epic 35th anniversary episodes last month.

He’s been living in New Zealand with his now ex-girlfriend Lauren Branning and their son Louie.

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EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.