EastEnders' Jay Brown stunned by newbie Nadine's offer

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Jay Brown has been tempted by newbie Nadine's offer in EastEnders.

Grieving Jay has been drawn to Nadine in recent episodes because of her resemblance to his late wife Lola Pearce-Brown, though he initially reacted badly when he found out she is an escort.

In Tuesday's episode (September 19), Jay tried to make things right by inviting Nadine out for another drink to hopefully put aside their misunderstanding.

jay mitchell, nadine, eastenders

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Nadine felt like she had to defend her line of work, until Jay assured her he understood "a job is a job" and he would never judge her.

As Jay got drunker and drunker throughout the night, Nadine invited him back to hers — where she promised she had some "decent Brandy".

Nadine tried to kiss Jay, yet he refused and tried to explain he was nowhere near the state of mind for anything romantic. Jay went to leave, but realised he couldn't show his face at home in such a state.

"Then stay, no funny business," Nadine offered.

nadine, jay mitchell, eastenders

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She offered him a bed to sleep in for the night, and she'd even "knock a few quid" off her rate. The soap later cut back to the two sleeping in bed together, with Jay's arm wrapped around Nadine.

Jamie Borthwick recently hinted that he had personally suggested a storyline for Jay following Lola's death, adding that a "seed was planted" for the character's future.

Could there be more to this new relationship with Nadine?

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