EastEnders: Secret BBC soap detail spotted in background of Neighbours episode

Jacob Stolworthy

Neighbours has lovingly doffed its cap to EastEnders in celebration of the BBC soap’s 35th birthday.

The Australian show, which also turns 35 this year, hinted it was set in the same world as EastEnders with a background detail referencing its British counterpart.

A sign outside Neighbours' Waterhole bar showed off a list of four Albert Square-inspired cocktails.

Available to order were: “Walford Sour, Fowler Fizz, Slater Zolada and Dry Mitchell.”

Those who looked closely could see that the Waterhole’s “happy hour” was 7.30pm-8pm, the same time some episodes of EastEnders is broadcast.

The BBC soap’s official Twitter account thanked the soap for the reference, writing: “We raise a toast to you from The Vic to The Waterhole.”

EastEnders is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a series of dramatic episodes depicting a fatal boat party. One character is set to be killed off in tomorrow night’s episode (21 February).