Eastern Canada's turn to smash monthly heat records

Eastern Canada's turn to smash monthly heat records

A jet stream which has gone on hiatus to Hudson Bay, an abnormally strong ridge along the Atlantic Coast and a deep trough over Western Canada have teamed up to bring the warmest start to November on record from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia.

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Daily temperature records were low hanging fruit for this surge of warmth, coming one month after the same scenario occurred in Western Canada to start October. Four provinces saw cities set new November temperature records with St. Catharines coming within half a degree of the Canadian record.

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Although temperatures are quickly trending toward seasonal this week, 2022 will likely set new records for the warmest first week of November across the east. Cities such as Toronto and Halifax saw overnight lows nearly 10° warmer than the normal daytime highs for this time of year. November 8th is currently the record to beat for Toronto and Halifax for the latest first frost, which normally see its arrival on October 16th and 17th respectively.