Easy and delicious recipes for students: Part 1

I have a daughter at university and so I thought why not create a tutorial of easy recipes for students? The point of these student recipes is to be low on effort, high in flavour and as few pots and pans to wash up. So in this tutorial we have a simple chicken thigh tray bake with root vegetables, feel free to use whatever veg you like such as mediterranean or mushrooms, just make sure that you cut the firmer root veg into smaller chunks than a bell pepper or courgette for example. The total roasting time at 190c - 375f will be between 30 - 45 minutes. The lentil dahl uses just one pot and only takes about 30 minutes to cook, you can add extra veg to the pot such as mushrooms, or carrots or mediterranean, serve with some raita and a naan and you have a very satisfying dish with minimal effort. The recipes: Chicken tray bake Chicken thighs 4 Carrot 1 Parsnip 1 Onion 2 Swede or rutabaga 1 New potatoes about 10 Rosemary 1 large sprig Vegetable oil 2 tbsp Salt and pepper to taste If making gravy add a couple of tsp of gravy granolas and a splash of wine or cider to the resting juices Lentil Dahl Red lentils 250g / 9oz Stock cube 1 Curry paste 2 tbsp Boiling water 600ml / just over 1 pint Onion 2 Garlic 3 cloves Salt and pepper to taste If making raita combine 1/3 or grated cucumber into 3 tbsp of yoghurt and a few sliced mint leaves.