Ed Sheeran surprises Florida high school band class with guitars and concert tickets

Ed Sheeran has given back to a Florida community, surprising high school students with free guitars and concert tickets.

Last week, the “Shivers” singer visited Middleton High’s band class, where he was welcomed with a rendition of his new song “Eyes Closed”.

In a video of the moment, posted on Instagram, Sheeran is seen entering the classroom while the band is playing.

After joining the band teacher at the front of the room, he thanked the class and told them he’d “come to play some songs for you”.

“I’ve also brought some guitars to give to you guys and the music department, and I’m playing a sold-out stadium tomorrow, but I’ve got tickets for all of you guys to come,” he announced.

“But tomorrow’s to like 72,000 people, and right here, I’m going to play a tiny piece of it now, if that’s ok.”

He proceeded to perform an acoustic version of his hit 2017 song “Perfect” for the students, who all looked stunned and emotional.

Afterwards, he signed autographs, took selfies and spoke with the students. At one point, Sheeran sang a duet with a smaller group who serenaded him with a cover of his 2014 single “Photograph”.

“I couldn’t really think too much about what’s happening because we had to focus on the song we were playing. But then once we finished, I was like, ‘That’s Ed Sheeran in our band room,’” one student, Ethan Van Name, told local news station WFTS Tampa Bay.

“I’ve followed Ed Sheeran for like a while. And I’ve always had like high hopes that he would be like, an amazing person, like in person. And it’s just like, really nice to actually see him coming to a community and like giving, it’s just like, it really gives me hope about stars and stuff,” added another.

Sheeran’s visit was in promotion of his new guitar line. It comes about a week after he triumphed in a second Marvin Gaye copyright lawsuit following his trial victory earlier this month.