Eddie Huang on Asian American representation and writing diverse stories: 'Those are the people that give me strength'

Eddie Huang's feature directorial debut is Boogie, a partially autobiographical story about an Asian American high school basketball player in New York City. The writer, restaurateur, and newly-minted director recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment as part of our Game Changers series, and discussed how his work in all mediums has propelled Asian American visibility forwards.

"You look at the progress that's happened since I kicked that door down," Huang said, referencing his NYC restaruant BaoHaus opening in 2009, and his memoir Fresh Off the Boat dropping in 2013. "And now I feel there are a lot of Asian people speaking, and it's really good, and that snowball is rolling and getting bigger."

"The stories I'm writing, they're always going to have Asian leads and Asian characters, but I also want to continue to have Black leads and Latino leads and perhaps gay leads ... because that is the world that I live in."

Watch more from Huang in the Game Changers video above.