Edmonton boy with defective heart meets his hero Iron Man

They say to never meet your heroes but Kane Wolfe, 6, was not disappointed when he met Iron Man on Thursday. 

Kristy Wolfe said her son was shy, but excited, to meet the Marvel super hero in a surprise visit at Telus World of Science.

"I can tell he was really excited about it," she said Thursday.

The six-year-old has been a big fan of the fictional character since his mother and aunt coined him Iron Kane, after he received a pacemaker in a recent surgery.

"He had his chest opened for surgery and as soon as that happened, we started talking about the 'arc reactor' and started calling him [Iron Kane]," she said.

An arc reactor is a fictitious mechanism that protects the comic book character's heart and powers his suits.

Kane, who was eight weeks premature, was born with congenital scoliosis and congenital heart defects which included two holes in his heart. The holes closed a year later.

Trevor Wilson/CBC

Knowing that the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes exhibit was coming to Telus World of Science, his mother worked to connect her son and Iron Man for a surprise visit. 

"In our family now, the Avengers are huge," Wolfe told CBC's Radio Active. "He will talking about this for a long time."