Edmonton man charged after police seize steroids shipped from Hong Kong

A 26-year-old Edmonton man is facing drug trafficking charges after Canadian border guards seized a package of steroids shipped from Hong Kong.

On March 21, the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency started a joint investigation into illegal importation, police said.

A package containing 420 grams of anabolic steroids, a mini steroid lab, a pill press, digital scales, a small quantity of unknown pills and approximately two ounces of unknown white powder was seized Monday.

Investigators declined to provide any details on where or how the package was intercepted.

"We don't want to let the bad guys know what we're doing," said RCMP Sgt. Jack Poitras. 

The man is facing numerous charges including production, possession for the purpose of trafficking and importation of a controlled substance.

He's due to appear in Edmonton provincial court on April 20.