Edmonton man pleads guilty second-degree murder in shooting outside Baccarat Casino

An Edmonton man has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a shooting death outside a downtown casino in 2016. 

When Patrick Campiou went out with two of his friends in downtown Edmonton late one weekend night three years ago, he packed a sawed-off .22-calibre rifle in his backpack.

The group encountered Darren Sinner near the now-closed Baccarat casino, picking cigarette butts from ashtrays just outside the casino doors. Words were exchanged, but the trio moved on and Sinner followed.

A few steps later, there was another conversation. Then Campiou pointed the gun at Sinner and shot him in the abdomen.

Casino security guards tried to help save Sinner, but the 41-year old was declared deceased at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Campiou was arrested two days later and taken into custody.

This week, Sinner, 29, pleaded guilty to the charge in Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench.

Justice Joanne Goss sentenced him to an automatic life sentence, setting his parole ineligibility at ten years.

In June 2018, Campiou's co-accused, Vaughn Bull was sentenced to five and half years after pleading guilty to manslaughter in Sinner's death.

'I got caught with it right on me'

According to an agreed statement of facts, when police arrested him, they found his duffle bag, the sawed-off rifle and ammunition in his pocket. He was taken into custody on weapons charges.

Gareth Hampshire/ CBC

Later, Campiou told someone in a recorded phone call from the Edmonton Remand Centre, "I got caught with it right on me. I had it in my bag. I had the clip in my pocket."

He was just hoping police wouldn't connect his gun with the Sinner homicide.

"I'm hoping detectives don't come talk to me about that shooting I did," Campiou said during a taped phone call, adding that his friend Bull wanted to use the gun that night on somebody he didn't like.

"But he jammed out and didn't do it," Campiou said. "And then I did it for him and then he got all scared and was like, 'Oh brother, that's solid'".

Police charged Campiou with second-degree murder in December 2016, almost ten months after the homicide. According to the court document, in a post-arrest interview with police he ultimately confessed to shooting Sinner.

A criminal record check shows Campiou has an extensive criminal record that includes five assault convictions and a number of convictions for carrying a concealed weapon.

He now has a second lifetime firearm prohibition.

Campiou did not say anything to the court before he was sentenced.