Edmonton public school board addresses grading controversy

The superintendent of the Edmonton Public School Board is promising that students who don’t do their work face appropriate consequences.

Edgar Schmidt sent a letter to parents on Friday.

“I assure you that Edmonton Public Schools is committed to helping all students learn to their full potential," he wrote.

“We expect students to do their work. When students don’t do their work, we hold them accountable so that they learn what they need to know … we have not and will not pass students who do not complete their course requirements.”

This comes after the board fired Lynden Dorval, a teacher who refused to follow his school’s so-called no-zero policy. Dorval has since gotten another job at a local private school.

An Edmonton Public School Board committee is currently reviewing the district’s assessment policy.

In his letter, Schmidt called the review “an important conversation about motivating learners and assessing growth.”

He encouraged parents to speak with the principal of their child’s school if they have questions about how their child is being assessed.

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