Educator calls for compromise in Regina Public Schools impasse

An educator says Saskatchewan's education minister is walking a fine line in telling the Regina Public Schools division is can't cut in certain areas.

In the wake of the provincial government's budget, the school division announced as a cost-saving measure it would cut preschool programming for children with special needs.

The province's Education Minister Don Morgan said he wouldn't allow that.

"He knows that if he is perceived as meddling, then he will lose in the court of public perception," said John Weins in an interview with CBC Radio's Morning Edition. Weins is a former school superintendent and dean at the University of Manitoba. 

"You can't say you have to do this, or we will let you go ahead and do it, but we won't stand for some things, right?"

Weins said people trust local school boards over governments when it comes to their children.

And it wasn't just that Morgan said no to the planned cost-savings, but that he also said he is unable to promise any extra money to keep the preschool program operating, Weins said. He doesn't think that's a position the minister can maintain. He said some kind of compromise is needed.

Weins also had some advice for the school division: "They pretty well have to stick to their guns."