Effort to fundraise for enchantment for new Carrot River school aims to raise $2 million

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A fundraising committee for Carrot River’s new K to 12 school is hoping to raise $2 million by the end of June to go into enhancements for the new school.

Enhancements include playground equipment for primary and middle years, weight room, paved bus drop off/pick up zone, Kindergarten outdoor fenced-in learning play space, outdoor bleacher, upgrades to existing track, soccer pitches and tennis, basketball and pickleball outdoor court, applied arts shop, performing arts space enhancements, and more.

Kevin Trew, North East School Division trustee representing Subdivision 2 and the main contact for the committee, said the fundraiser was created following interest in the community for additional features to the school.

“Those are enhancements over and above what the government will pay for,” Trew said.

“Something that keeps getting talked about as an internal thing is definitely the second gym. It’s a second gym, but it’s going to be multi-purpose where it’s also a performing arts area.”

Phase one fundraising efforts have included mail-outs through the town and what Trew called a “social media blast.”

“We are hopefully having a social media blast with the Town of Carrot River, the RM of Moose Range and the North East School Division. We’re hoping to do that and get out there to people who maybe grew up in Carrot River or might be interested in donating.”

Phase 2, which will happen in mid-June, will involve sending specific letters to local businesses and businesses with connections to the community.

The third phase, which the committee is waiting to hear back on, involved submitting grant applications.

More than $1 million was raised before the fundraising fully went underway, through a million dollar donation by the Novak Family Foundation, which is connected to Edgewood Forest Products Inc.

In addition, over $50,000 has been allocated from previous fundraisers held by Carrot River Elementary for playground spaces, as the new school will be consolidating the elementary.

Trew said that while they are hoping to raise most of the funds before June 30, they will be continuing to fundraise after the month if needed.

“There are some enhancements inside the school, so those enhancements really have to be decided upon and really secured very soon, that’s why our goal is June 30. We’re going to have a pretty good idea of what we’ve raised and have committed by June 30.”

In the event of not meeting the full $2 million by the end of June, local school division staff and project managers will decide what enhancements to prioritize, which will be sent as a recommendation to the NESD board for final approval.

“We do recognize we’ve done some grant applications we won’t hear back by June 30,” Trew said. “So there will be continual fundraising following this, but just for some outside enhancements.”

People can donate at the Carrot River town office or RM of Moose Range office. Donations are tax deductible.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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