Effort to name pair of parks kicked back to the public

Council asks the public to suggest more names for two of Mono’s park area.

It was decided during the Aug. 23 meeting to poll the public on suggested names for two parks that have thus far been unnamed.

Seven individuals submitted names for Island Lake Family Park. And one of those submissions included seven naming ideas for that area. Nine people suggested monikers for the Fieldstone Parkette.

Among the names bandied about for the Island Lake Family Park were suggestions of Water’s Edge Park, Willow Park, Sunset Play, Beechwood Park, and Kallos Park from the Greek word that means Beauty.

The Fieldstone area netted such suggestions as Monolith Parkette, Treehouse Park, Mono Meadows Parkette, and Horizon Play.

“I’m disappointed by the lack of options here,” said Mayor John Creelman. “I don’t want to see a blank name being replaced by another bland name.”

He suggested council extend the request for names from the public.

Kim Heaton, the town’s director of Recreation, said council could keep the period for naming submissions open as long as it sees fit.

“This falls right in line with other times when we have had parking naming submissions come forward,” Heaton said. “This is pretty much equal to what we’ve had in the past when we’ve had other naming contests.”

Councillor Ralph Manktelow said it’s difficult to come up with suitable names for the areas. And he’d be happy to keep the request open in the hope more names could be considered.

“We want resident input,” said Coun. Melinda Davie.


James Matthews, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen