'Eggsquisite' Cape Breton twins become instant celebrities thanks to Ellen

Cape Breton twins Brynn and Avery Walsh have become instant celebrities after comedian Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out this photo of them. Photo from Tarra Walsh/The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Two Cape Breton, N.S., babies have scored the ultimate social media coup: they’ve been praised online by Ellen DeGeneres.

Like any mother, Tarra Walsh knew her twins were adorable, and she was pretty sure that her Easter photo of the seven-month-old girls was perfection.

In the image, babies Brynn and Avery wear white bunny ears and sit giggling in a pile of coloured Easter eggs.

No question — it’s pretty darn cute. A friend of Walsh’s thought the same thing and encouraged her to send the photo to the comedian. A few weeks later, on April 13, the image appeared on Ellen’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts along with the caption, “This photo is eggsquisite.”

Ellen is followed by nearly 67 million people on Twitter alone (she’s also currently in a friendly feud with a high school student over the record for the most re-tweeted tweet). That’s a lot of followers, so it’s no surprise that the Easter photo of the Walsh twins has been liked more than 15,000 times in just four days.

Walsh was shocked when she spotted the photo on Ellen’s Facebook page, and she quickly called her mom, Annemarie Brown, to share the news.

“I was weak when she came out of the room and said the babies’ picture has made it to Ellen,” the proud grandmother told CTV. “I said, ‘Wow.’ I was weak. I couldn’t believe it.”

The Cape Breton duo weren’t the only babies to make it onto Ellen’s social media feed over the Easter weekend. These cute babies were featured, too:

The talk show host also included a picture of a baby who wasn’t as impressed with the Easter bunny:

Perhaps not everyone enjoys Easter as much as Brynn and Avery!