Egypt unearths mummification workshops

STORY: This was once the site of workshops

to mummify humans and animals

L: Giza, Egypt

The discovery was unearthed in the

ancient burial ground of Saqqara

Experts say the workshops date

as far back as 380-343 BC

Tools for mummification were uncovered

and two ancient tombs were found nearby

Mostafa Waziri, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities

“We found one of the most beautiful tombs here ... It is a very important tomb. This guy used to work as high priest for Goddess Maat, also priest of God Horus and he was the supervisor of digging canals for irrigation. He got the title of the chief of the writers. During our excavations, we found another tomb up there, Men Kheber Ra, back to the New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, we are talking about 3,400 years old. Inside the tomb, we found the most beautiful statue over there and he used to say that I used to work for the time of the king Thutmose III and Thutmose IV.”