Egyptians enjoy new bike lanes in downtown Cairo

STORY: Egypt has introduced new bike lanes in downtown Cairo

to help residents navigate the city’s busy streets in a greener way

The new lanes stretch for 1.2 miles across the city

(Mai Mowafy, Cairo resident)

"This is a great project, and I'm proud to see such a project in Egypt. I saw this in the United States a few years ago and I had a dream of seeing this in Egypt. We chose the month of November specifically to rally for the COP27 climate summit and to follow all the efforts made to raise awareness about the danger of pollution and how important it is to use alternative means of transportation like bicycles. Anyone can use the bike and move around with it to contribute to protecting the environment."

After the completion of the project's second phase

the bike lanes will extend over 3 miles

Bikers are able to rent a bicycle via a mobile app

(Hani Aboul Qomsan, Head of operations, Cairo Bike Project)

"People now use the service via prepaid cards, the system will be fully functional after the inauguration of the second phase of the project, where people can use it through a mobile application and take the bicycle via bluetooth. You can move with it anywhere you want. It will be easier for users generally."