Eh!-Tel applies for grant for Dromore to Dundalk fibre

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Local internet company Eh!Tel will be applying for a share of federal money aimed at building up internet through a program called “Rapid Response.”

Both Southgate and Melancthon township agreed last week to write letters of support. All rural municipalities have been hearing from residents about the need for more reliable internet over the past year, with so many jobs services pivoting online.

The company has projects underway using SWIFT funding in Melancthon in the Horning’s Mills-Redickville areas and in Southgate in the Dromore-Holstein-Varney.

The company, based in Holstein, is proposing to put fibre in the ground from Dromore to Dundalk.

The route hasn’t been determined, Southgate CAO Dave Milliner told council, but would likely go along County Road 9.

Other projects could then be done to take the fibre down sideroads. Eh-Tel has a project in the Badjeros area and has fibre in the ground in Dundalk itself, including the main Flato subdivision site.

“Rapid Response Funding” is a federal first come-first serve program with $150M. Applications have since closed and the projects must be completed by mid-October.

Being federal, the grant doesn’t use the same mapping as SWIFT, which now has that area marked as served. Another local provider satisfied the municipal-based body that it could supply internet on request.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald