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2) Nokia Mobira Talkman Potential value: £1,000

Old Nokias can be worth a fortune – providing you had the very first Nokia phone ever released, the Nokia Mobira Talkman, which launched in 1984, and weighed 4.8kg, offering an hour of talk time before it had to be recharged. The gadget was a hit, selling 12,000 units in its first year – and paving the way for Nokia’s ascendance in the mobile market.

Eight things lying around your house which could be worth a fortune

1) First generation iPod Potential value: £900

First generation iPods have changed hands for eye-watering sums – but only for one of the very first generation model, with black-and-white display and directional buttons, and even then only still in the original packaging. For a pristine first-gen 5Gb iPod, still in the packaging, buyers have paid up to £10,000 each – for a used one, you can expect around £700.