EJ is stepping into the spotlight as his drag alter go Ari Zona

On this episode of Dragged, contestant EJ is tired of sitting on the drag queen sidelines and wants to be in the spotlight for once. EJ is dating New York-based drag performer and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jan Sport (@janjanjan) and identifies as her unofficial assistant, but is ready to take a break from tightening her corsets and zipping her up, and be the drag queen himself for once!

When host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) asks EJ what style of drag he’s leaning towards, he responds “I want to be a pop punk princess.” Can Thorgy transform EJ from informal drag assistant to bonafide pop punk princess? Let’s see!

Thorgy first heads to the fashion closet with stylist Blue. After learning that EJ is going for something edgy, Blue pulls a white baby doll dress with puffy sleeves that’s covered in dripping “blood” from the rack. Thorgy thinks it’s perfect for EJ’s drag transformation.

Now in the makeup chair with makeup artist Elle LC, sporting a glam look complete with plenty of contouring, some glittery gold eyeshadow, and winged eyeliner, EJ confirms that the queen inside of him is now starting to show on the outside. All that’s left is a name! “I’m from Arizona, and I’m a pop princess in drag, so I’m gonna be Ari Zona,” shares EJ, pronouncing “Ari” like Ariana Grande.

Now for the big reveal! When Ari Zona comes to set for the first time, it’s clear that EJ is feeling the drag transformation. Donning the “blood-stained” dress and a gray wig with a high half-ponytail, Ari Zona’s energy is palpable. “I love the lips, I love the pinched nose, I think I look gorgeous,” gushes Ari. “I’m also just a fan of nails, I think I should just start wearing them.”

“You look amazing [and] gorgeous,” Thorgy says. “You have been dragged, and welcome to the world: Ari Zona!”

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