Elderly driver sent to hospital after alleged 'road rage' assault

Charlottetown police have charged a 27-year-old Queens County man with assault causing bodily harm after an alleged incident on a roundabout. 

Police say they responded to several 911 calls Tuesday night reporting an assault occurring on the arterial highway, near the Upton Road roundabout. 

Two vehicles were driving west when a collision occurred, police say, then one of the drivers got out of his car and opened the other driver's door and repeatedly punched the elderly male driver. 

"Our investigation has led us to believe that this was a case of road rage," said Deputy Chief Brad MacConnell. 

The witnesses took video on their phones which "is quite disturbing to watch," MacConnell said. "It's lucky his injuries weren't more serious."  

'Senseless act of violence'

Police say the accused returned to his vehicle and left the scene.

"We located a 79-year-old gentleman who was suffering from some injuries," said MacConnell. 

The victim was transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and treated for injuries and has since been released.

"It seems like a senseless act of violence — maybe some misinterpretation of facts that were happening on the roadway," he said. 

"Regardless of what the driving habits were that precipitated the event, it shouldn't have resulted in that." 

Witnesses were able to obtain the licence plate of the suspect's vehicle, and police say that led to the arrest of the 27-year-old man Wednesday.

He appeared in provincial court Thursday afternoon for a remand hearing and is scheduled to return to court at a later date.

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