Election signs defaced by swastikas in North Vancouver

Election signs defaced by swastikas in North Vancouver

A second North Vancouver-Lonsdale candidate has posted a photo to social media showing a campaign sign defaced with a red swastika. 

On Sunday, Liberal incumbent Naomi Yamamoto tweeted out a photo with a caption reading,"This is not my B.C."

Then on Monday, NDP candidate Bowinn Ma replied to Yamamoto on twitter, posting a similar photo of one of Ma's lawn signs spray painted with a swastika.

In the post, Ma writes, "Definitely saddened to see graffiti on election signs this week. This kind of hate has no place in North Van."

North Vancouver RCMP say that have not received any reports related to the signs and are not investigating.

When asked for comment Yamamoto responded via email, "I deeply appreciate the outpouring of support from across party lines in response to what took place."

B.C. Green Party candidate Joshua Johnson also used twitter to react to the vandalism. 

"Regardless of political views, this extremely offensive display is completely unacceptable," he wrote.

When asked about the vandalism Liberal leader Christy Clark dismissed it as normal campaign antics.

"People do dumb stuff during campaigns," said Clark. "There's always lots of people damaging signs."