By-election triggered by councillor’s resignation

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MULGRAVE – A seat at the table was empty during the regular council meeting in the Town of Mulgrave on May 2.

Shortly after the meeting began, CAO David Gray read a letter of resignation from Councillor Crystal Durling.

The letter stated that Durling was resigning from council effective immediately.

“I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve on town council for the past year-and-a-half and I offer my best wishes for its continued success,” she wrote.

The resignation triggers a by-election process to fill the vacant council seat.

Council also heard of an aggressive incident between two dogs in Mulgrave that required investigation.

Gray explained, “The by-law officer from the District of Guysborough was called, and we have to appoint him formerly as the by-law officer for the Town of Mulgrave so that he can talk to the RCMP and both parties.”

A motion was passed by council to appoint Kyle Pellerin as the by-law enforcement officer for the Town of Mulgrave.

Gray said the integrated service between the two municipalities falls under an existing agreement between the two units. “The invoice does include animal control for a small amount on an annual basis. So, this is an extension of that.”

At Monday night’s meeting, when the floor was opened for public comment, the issue of farm animals came to the fore once again.

Mulgrave has passed an amendment to its land-use by-law to deal with the problems farm animals cause within the town, which include odour and animals on the road, but they are waiting for the approval of the amendment from the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs.

Council has already been fielding complaints about the smell coming from a backyard farm on Main Street affecting residents and causing some to forego the use of the nearby Scotia Trail. Mayor Ron Chisholm said he was very concerned about the situation, especially as warm weather has yet to arrive, which will increase the odour coming from the property.

Gray said, once the amendment is approved by the provincial government, “We can use the Municipal Government Act to enforce the by-law, and hopefully it won’t come to that, but we do have that authority.”

The next council meeting for the Town of Mulgrave will be held on Monday, May 16 at which time, Gray said, they hope to have a first draft of the budget.

Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal

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