Elections P.E.I. reminds COVID-wary Islanders they can vote by mail for District 16 byelection

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Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection was called for Nov. 15. (Al MacCormick/CBC - image credit)
Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection was called for Nov. 15. (Al MacCormick/CBC - image credit)

Elections P.E.I. is reminding anyone hesitant to head to the polls for the District 16 byelection due to COVID-19 that they can vote by mail.

Mail-in ballots have usually been reserved for people who can't make it to the polls, but throughout the pandemic the option has been available for Islanders who still don't feel comfortable voting at an actual polling booth.

"We do have a COVID-19 protocol in place to make the voting location as safe as humanly possible," said Paul Alan, manager of elections operations and communications at Elections P.E.I.

"We've taken every precaution. But still, if there's anybody that feels they would rather vote from home rather than venture out to the polling location, the mail-in ballot application is a perfect answer for them."

The Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection has been called for Nov. 15. The first advance polls will open Nov. 6.

Those who decide to vote by mail have to submit an application by mail, email or at the Election P.E.I.'s office no later than Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 6 p.m.

The ballot package will be delivered along with a self-addressed return envelope by an overnight courier.

Voters have to have their ballots returned to the Elections P.E.I. office by noon on Monday, Nov. 15.

Alan said voters won't be able to change their minds and vote at a polling station once the ballot package has been mailed out.

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