This electric tracked skateboard can tackle virtually any terrain

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The skateboarding community is always looking at ways to explore new terrain on their boards, and this tracked, off-roading skateboard could be just the solution. Vendetta from Ungoverned is an electric, tracked skateboard designed for the off-roading adventure seeker. Instead of off-roading wheels, Vendetta is equipped with forward and rear tracks that can maneuver on top of obstacles. Vendetta is operated with a handheld wireless remote control and has an electric enclosure rating of IP67. The tracked skateboard is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery from Samsung that allows it to reach a max speed of 30 mph with an operating time of 40 minutes when fully charged. Charge time is 8 hours, but with a $1,200 fast charging setup, that time is cut in half to approximately 4 hours. Ungoverned claims that Vendetta has “4 times the surface drive area of a motocross bike.” The front and rear tracks are propelled forward using internal brushless hub motors. Vendetta is currently available in Australia with a price tag of $9,895. Ungoverned is currently developing Vendetta off-roading systems for the US, Europe, and other countries.

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