Electric vehicle owner makes gourmet toast with his car

This electric vehicle owner is proud of his new purchase and what he can do with it. Steve has bought a Hyundai Ioniq5 that will allow him to travel at a fraction of the cost. With less greenhouse gas emissions as well, he feels like he is doing his part for the planet. And he is finding that it is a joy to drive. But incredibly, he is also enjoying the Ioniq5 for its toast making abilities. Steve is an avid outdoorsman and camping enthusiast. He has a few small appliances so that he can bring along the comforts of home as he treks in the wilderness. But he can power these appliances by plugging in an adapter that draws power from the car's battery and turns it into power for appliances or other devices. Steve has been asked a lot of questions about how useful his car is or what he would do if he were ever stuck on the highway, especially in the cold. Now, Steve answers that he can pull out his toaster oven and make a meal as he sits and waits for the highway to open. He can even fire up a small coffee maker to make that situation a little more tolerable. Steve did a lot of research before buying an electric vehicle. It doesn't fit everyone's lifestyle. Those who are not able to spend 30 minutes charging their car on long trips probably won't enjoy the added time of a long journey in an electric car. But for somebody who makes frequent short trips, Steve can go months without having to spend any time at a gas station refueling. And with the price of gas lately, driving past the gas stations feels good in many ways. Steve enjoys the impressive acceleration, the quiet running motor, and the feeling that there are less emissions. But now, Steve also enjoys the snacks that come with the purchase of a car like this.