Eliminated fan-favorite 'AGT' contestant gets a shot at redemption

During the fifth and final America's Got Talent live results show Wednesday night, the final acts moving on were revealed – Lebanese dance group Mayyas and Australian pole-dancer/multimedia artist Kristy Sellars. However, there was still one wild card spot to fill out the 11 acts getting a shot to compete in the finals.

Simon Cowell chose Players Choir, a troupe of singing former NFL stars. Howie Mandel, claimed he had three acts in mind, but ultimately went with fellow comedian Don McMillan. Heidi Klum went with her Golden Buzzer act, singer-songwriter Lily Meola, and Sofia Vergara chose fellow ventriloquist Celia Muñoz.

Some may remember Celia and her Grease-themed tribute to Olivia Newton-John during the Qualifiers just two weeks ago. Viewers were pretty bummed when she was eliminated, so when host Terry Crews announced that Celia had won Wednesday's instant save vote, it was great news for fans and Sofia, who was thrilled.

"Thank you, everybody! Thank you, Sofia! Thank you, America! I'm really grateful for this second chance. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, everybody!" Celia exclaimed remotely, as she heard the good news while watching AGT at home.

Sofia responded, "You deserve it. I'm so happy you're coming here. We miss you!"

Video Transcript

TERRY CREWS: This is make or break. Let's do it. America has voted. The first act going into the finals is--

KYLIE MAR: During the "America's Got Talent" live results show Wednesday night, the final acts moving on to the finals were revealed. Lebanese dance group, Mayyas, and pole dancer, Kristy Sellars.

TERRY CREWS: You are in the finals. How does that feel?

KRISTY SELLARS: I did not expect that. Sorry. Thank you so much. My kids thought I was really cool till right now.

KYLIE MAR: Kristy and the Mayyas are in good company as they completed the top 10 acts moving on to next week's finals. But there was still the wild card spot to fill. And after each of the judges nominated one act for America to vote on in the live instant save--

SIMON COWELL: It's the Players Choir.

SOFIA VERGARA: Celia Munoz, the ventriloquist.

HEIDI KLUM: My wild card is Lily Meola. She was my golden buzzer.

HOWIE MANDEL: Don McMillan. And let me tell you why.

TERRY CREWS: Don McMillan!

HOWIE MANDEL: Let me tell you why.

KYLIE MAR: America voted for--

TERRY CREWS: All right. Celia Munoz! How do you feel?

CELIA MUNOZ: Oh, my god.

KYLIE MAR: You may remember ventriloquist, Celia Munoz, and her tribute to Olivia Newton-John from just two weeks ago. Viewers were pretty bummed when she was eliminated. So Celia getting redemption Wednesday was great news for fans. And Sofia Vergara was pretty thrilled too.

CELIA MUNOZ: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody.

TERRY CREWS: Sofia, what do you want to say?

SOFIA VERGARA: You deserve it! I'm so happy that you're going to be back here! We miss you!