Elizabeth May, federal Green Party leader, rallies P.E.I. candidates

Elizabeth May says Greens' Peter Bevan-Baker will 'change the legislature'

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May flew to P.E.I. for a few hours Friday to support local Green candidates in advance of Monday's election.             

She spoke to a packed house at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Charlottetown.              

May says she's confident the party will make an historic breakthrough, electing P.E.I. Leader Peter Bevan-Baker to the legislature.

"Breaking through in Prince Edward Island, in an area, a province where it's been very hard for a third party to make any strides at all, Green values really resonate for Prince Edward Islanders because they're concerned with local sustainability, local jobs," said May.

"That will send a message right across Canada, that Greens are electable across Canada in 2015," said May.

May, an environmentalist from B.C., was elected Canada's first Green MP in 2011, defeating an incumbent cabinet minister.