Elka's big day: Dog rescued after paw trapped in snare

A rescue, plane ride, trip to the vet, life-saving treatment and a warm bed — Elka the dog had a very big day on Saturday.

The three-year-old stray was found limping and bleeding in central-northern Manitoba after being trapped in an animal snare.

"It basically sheared off all of her toes and she was found in incredible pain limping and bleeding," said Colleen Holloway with Manitoba Mutts.

A local resident reached out to the dog rescue agency and the volunteer network operating across the province jumped into gear.

The severely injured dog was transported to the airport in Norway House where it was placed in a kennel for likely the first time in its life, Holloway said. It was then flown to Winnipeg and transported to a veterinarian in the St. Norbert neighbourhood.

"The vetting team gave her some treatment, a once over, something for the pain, cleaned up the wound and sent her home for the night," Holloway said.

"She is relaxing in someone's living room right now realizing, 'Holy smokes this is what life can be like'."


The dog will probably need surgery next week to get either the foot or the full leg amputated.

While it's been a drastic day for dog, Holloway said Elka is adapting to the new surroundings well.

"You can see this transformation on the look on her face from 'I'm in pain' and 'I'm terrified' to 'I'm not quite sure what's happening but I feel that I'm in a good place right now'," Holloway said.

Elka will be staying with a foster family for the next while but Holloway said eventually the dog will be put up for adoption.

Her medical bills will cost thousands of dollars and Manitoba Mutts is looking for donations to help cover her, and other animal's veterinarian bills.

"She is one of a few dogs right now where we have over $10,000 in vetting bills that we are trying to fundraise for," Holloway said.

For more information visit the Manitoba Mutts website.