Ellen Degeneres just found out from Steph and Ayesha Curry that she was in a Hollywood wax museum

Sophie Ludel
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Steph and Ayesha Curry stopped by the Ellen show today, and they let Ellen Degeneres in on some information about herself … she is in a wax museum in Hollywood, Calif.

Steph went on to explain that Ellen “was sort of part of” their first date. “We were on the Hollywood Walk of Fame … we went into the wax museum … and you were probably [in] the fourth room we went into,” he said. Ellen was shocked to learn she was in the museum. She asked them about her wax figure, hoping it wasn’t as bad as the one at Ellen’s Energy Adventure in Orlando, Fla. And if you don’t remember how bad that one was, check it out here:

The Currys told her that her Hollywood wax figure isn’t anything like the one in Orlando. That’s probably a good thing — because, as Steph said, “we might not have been sitting on this couch together if we saw that.”

In other entertainment news, Oprah is still not running for president:

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