Ellen Pompeo Shades Jared Kushner After First Speech: ‘OMG Ivanka Trump: You Have Sex With This Guy???’

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Twitter had a field day with Jared Kushner’s first public speech since becoming a senior advisor to Donald Trump — and Ellen Pompeo was one of the ones laughing … and laughing.

Ivanka Trump’s husband, who is under investigation for his business dealings, kicked off “Technology Week” at the White House on Tuesday and, since he hasn’t spoken publicly in 150 days, the Internet got overexcited about his subdued tone and nasally speech, which one person likened to an “8th grade valedictory” and another described as the voice as a “dainty little lady.”

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 47, was one of the ones having some laughs at the privileged, former publisher of the New York Observer and his wife’s expense. Along with a bunch of laugh-so-hard-you-cry emojis, she wrote, “ok ok this… omg @IvankaTrump you have sex with this guy??? I can’t aahhhhhaaaa.”

She kept going from there. “Wait wait one more time,” she wrote with four more crying emojis. “Aaahhhhaaaa.”

And in case you confuse her for someone who cares that she may have insulted you with her politics, she doesn’t. She shot back reply after reply to people who called her out for her comment — or described it as “petty.”

And when someone told her that it was the “47th time” she “made an ass of” herself on Twitter, she replied:

And ended the whole thing with a photo of herself rocking some workout gear with the caption, “Hey haters… I’ll be right back. Ima go for a walk.”

Kushner has been a man of few words since he followed his famous father-in-law into the White House in a primo role. His avoidance of public speaking led to Jimmy Fallon playing him as a mute on Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Pompeo has been a woman of many political tweets since Trump took office. The Massachusetts native has been outspoken about Planned Parenthood’s funds being cut as well as other hotbed issues.

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