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Following are the results of voting in the 2021 federal general election as compiled by The Canadian Press.

Legend: APP_Animal Protection Party of Canada; BQ_Bloc Québécois; CEP_Centrist Party of Canada; CFF_Canada's Fourth Front; CHP_Christian Heritage Party; CNP_Canadian Nationalist Party; COM_Communist Party of Canada; CON_Conservative Party of Canada; FPC_Free Party of Canada; GRN_Green Party of Canada; IND_Independent; LIB_Liberal Party of Canada; LTN_Libertarian Party of Canada; MAV_Maverick Party; ML_Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada; MP_Marijuana Party; NA_Non-Affiliated; NCA_National Citizens Alliance of Canada; NDP_New Democratic Party; PIQ_Parti pour L'Indépendance du Québec; PP_People's Party of Canada; PTR_Parti Patriote; RP_Parti Rhinoceros Party; VCP_Veterans Coalition Party of Canada; x_member of the last legislature.


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Nunavut 0:72

Pat Angnakak



Lori Idlout



Laura Mackenzie



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