Campbellton Regional Hospital open, but ambulances still being diverted

The Campbellton Regional Hopsital says its emergency department remains open, despite the "extreme" measures it took Thursday after running out of hospital beds. 

The hospital closed three services — obstetrics-gynecology, surgical and outpatient clinics — but not the emergency room.


"Patients who present themselves at the ER will be able to see a doctor," said a news release issued by the Vitalité Health Network on Sunday. 

Thomas Lizotte, a Vitalité spokesperson, said Campbellton residents were showing up at the Chaleur Regional Hospital's emergency room in Bathurst over the weekend. Those visits prompted the health authority's public message. 

"We wanted to remind people that ER at Campbellton Regional Hospital was still opened even though some services are closed," he said.

But the network cautioned people in the Restigouche region to use emergency services "wisely."

On Thursday, 42 stretchers were being used as hospital beds to accommodate patient overflow.

Other steps being taken by the hospital as a result of crowding include redirecting ambulances to other centres and refusing to admit new patients. Admissions are being transferred to Chaleur Regional Hospital in Bathurst, if necessary.