Emergency drill planned for new state-of-the-art Union Station bus terminal on Sunday

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Toronto's new state-of-the-art Union Station bus terminal will stage a large-scale emergency exercise in the area of Bay Street and Lake Shore Blvd. E. on Sunday.

Metrolinx wants people to know that it's all a drill and they should not be alarmed. Do not call 911.

"Downtown residents, shoppers and workers toiling on the weekend will likely see a lot of emergency vehicles and urgent activity around the huge new soon-to-be-opened USBT, located just south of the existing bus terminal," Metrolinx said in a statement.

"Traffic may be temporarily delayed during the exercise but road closures along Bay St. aren't expected. Emergency vehicles will be arriving with their sirens blaring so road users should yield to them as in a true emergency."

Exercise will simulate fatalities

According to Metrolinx, the exercise will be the first for the company to include the added trauma of simulated fatalities — a particularly difficult scenario for staff to re-enact as it can be particularly triggering.

Supports will be in place for staff, Metrolinx said.

"This year's exercise comes with another layer of challenge — ensuring all participants stay healthy and follow COVID-19 safety protocols," Metrolinx said.

"These protocols include health screening before they step one foot into the building, wearing face coverings at all times, washing and sanitizing their hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from others whenever possible. Protocols will be monitored throughout the exercise."

Previous exercises included a simulated train derailment with multiple casualties in 2018, and a terrifying exercise including multiple snipers in Union Station in 2019.