Emma Roberts reveals that she has lost jobs because of her famous relatives

Emma Roberts has "lost jobs" because of her famous family members.

The 33-year-old actress is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of 'Pretty Woman' star Julia Roberts but claimed that having family connections in the industry has not always provided her with the opportunities some might assume.

She told Flaunt: "I’ve lost more jobs than I’ve gained from being in the business. People have opinions and sometimes maybe they’re not good opinions of people in your family. I’ve never gotten a job because of it, I know I definitely have lost a couple of jobs because of it."

Meanwhile, the 'Scream Queens' star - who began her career as a child actress on Nickelodeon before going on to appear in teen comedies such as 'Wild Child' - has three-year-old son Rhodes with actor Garrett Hedlund but decided after they split to stop dating those who are in in the same business.

She said: "One day the veil was lifted and I didn’t want to date actors anymore. It’s hard, I think, for two actors to be together. I’m trying to think if I’ve seen it done successfully. Also, the actors I’ve been with border on method actors, and that is something that I think is extremely difficult to be in a relationship with—at least for me, especially the characters that they were playing."

The 'American Horror Story' actress also admitted that despite starting out in showbiz at an early age, she was able to "hang on to some innocence longer" than perhaps her industry peers may have been able to.

She said: "I feel like, in a way I got to hang on to some innocence longer [than usual]. I know everyone has a different take on how [modern] celebrities or people should be online and how serious they should be. My social media is for fun, it’s for reading, it’s for fashion, but if you want to get really deep with me or know what I think about things, you’re not going to see it posted on my social media."