Emmerdale star Liam Fox explains Dan Spencer's exit

Emmerdale's Liam Fox has addressed his exit as Dan Spencer, who was imprisoned for manslaughter in yesterday's (August 17) episode.

After 12 years in the Yorkshire Dales, Dan received an eight-year sentence after accidentally killing daughter Amelia's cyberstalker Lloyd when he punched him.

"Millions watch Emmerdale and I hope if it makes one person watching stop and change their mind about how one punch can lead to catastrophic results, then this story is worth it for that alone," the actor told The Mirror.

dan spencer, emmerdale

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"I know the sentence will come as a shock to fans but it's important to get it right, especially as there are campaigns ongoing for people who commit manslaughter to get a longer sentence.

"If someone killed my child or wife then I would want them to pay for it too," Fox went on to admit, before highlighting Dan's uncharacteristic behaviour in this storyline.

"I've loved playing Dan because he is a likeable character. He wants to do the right thing but this story is one where he's done everything against what Dan stands for."

dan spencer, emmerdale

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Dan has had an eventful time on the show, including three weddings and the discovery that Amelia was actually fathered by his brother.

And the soap star had been contemplating a change of professional scenery before the Emmerdale bosses pipped him to the post.

"I had actually got to a point where I had been starting to think I needed a change to perhaps leave Emmerdale but I was struggling to have the bottle to make it," Fox shared.

"And so, when the producers first told me about what was going to happen to Dan, my immediate reaction was 'this is brilliant'. I knew it would mean I would be working flat out so I wanted to put everything into it."

When asked whether he'd consider returning to the character, he said: "I would never say 'I am not going there again' because it's such a great place to work with great people. It might be quite interesting if Dan does come back in a few years to see how he is changed.

"But for now, it is important for Dan to serve time for what he has done."

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