Enbridge Gas project to Eganville expected to break ground in late 2023

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Eganville – The Enbridge Community Expansion Project bringing natural gas into Eganville will most likely begin construction in late 2023, but prior to this there will be consultation on just what route the Cobden to Eganville expansion will take.

“Part of this project will be to pick up new customers in the supply lateral in the township of Admaston/Bromley, Eganville and North Algona Wilberforce,” Sonia Fazari, Sr. Advisor, Municipal and Stakeholder Engagement, Eastern Region Public Affairs and Communications, Enbridge Gas Inc. told Bonnechere Valley council last Tuesday afternoon.

The new $26 million project, which was announced last year, will run 22 kilometres of natural gas pipeline to the village. Although the project was announced in 2021, the specifics are being developed and there are various possible routes to come to Eganville with options on how many customers would be serviced.

“A pressure reducing station will be built too, to lower pressure into residential homes,” she said.

A couple of routes need to be established to present to the Ontario Energy Board, she said.

“The key is to capture any new properties,” she said.

Three different route options were presented with between 85 and 120 properties as a possible service area. Ms. Fazari said all of the possible routes will be discussed and shared with staff.

As part of the presentation to council, she explained the next steps, noting an open house will be held and a notice of commencement. As well, there are consultations with First Nations groups, including the Williams Treaty First Nations, Algonquins of Ontario and Algonquins of Pikwakanagan and an archeological study which is anticipated to be done in September.

The actual construction, pending regulatory approvals, is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Councillor Tim Schison questioned if there is the possibility of the line being expanded in the future with the eight-inch pipe coming from Cobden to Kelly’s Corner.

“Natural gas looks very attractive to our outlying communities,” he pointed out.

Any expansion would require a new analysis, he was told, however there is always the possibility of more expansions in the future.

“With that size diameter how many homes?” questioned Councillor Merv Buckwald.

Mayor Murphy said the project scope is 674 homes right now.

“What if industry moved in and we wanted more?” he retorted.

Ms. Fazari said projects are built knowing there is the possibility for future growth.

“If there is more growth, we engage our regional team and they look at the scope,” she said.

The high-pressure pipe is being built and there is the possibility to expand to other areas, but there would need to be further investigation by the regional team, council was told.

Ms. Fazari said keeping the local community and council informed is important to the company.

“As the project moves along, we want to provide quarterly updates,” she said.

When it comes time for people to be able to sign up for natural gas, Enbridge can show how much money they can save and how to proceed.

“We have a dedicated team to walk everyone through the steps,” she said.

Debbi Christinck, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader

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