This is the ending of Netflix's A Beautiful Life explained

a beautiful life ending explained
The ending of A Beautiful Life explainedNetflix

In the mood for a heartfelt movie that is going to get you in the feels? Then we have just the thing for your weekend movie watching, enter: A Beautiful Life.

The new Danish movie dropped on Netflix yesterday (1st June) and tells the moving story of a young fisherman Elliot (played by musician Christopher) with an incredible talent. After being discovered by a music manager, Elliot must decide if he is willing to open himself up to fame and everything that goes with it, as well as love.

A Beautiful Life stars Christopher, Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas and Christine Albeck Børge. This is exactly what happens in A Beautiful Life and how the film ends.

a beautiful life ending explained

What happens in A Beautiful Life?

A Beautiful Life begins by introducing us to the main character Elliot (Christopher) who lives on his dad's boat and works at a dock, fishing for lobsters. It's not 100 per cent clear but it appears Elliot's dad has passed away.

Elliot offers to play back up vocals and guitar for his friend Oliver one night. Oliver's musical skills aren't exactly up to scratch and after he chokes on a song Elliot swoops into save the day and sings instead, immediately impressing the audience. Amongst the audience is a music producer Suzanne (Christine Albeck Børge) and her daughter Lilly (Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas) who is also a producer.

After the performance the pair argue in the alley beside the bar, before they get into a fight with a group of men who Oliver appears to owe money to. Elliot and Oliver are taken to jail, and Suzanne comes to Elliot's rescue, offering him money to hang out with her, as she sees a lot of potential in his talent, even though he is very reluctant to do anything about it.

a beautiful life ending explained

He begrudgingly accepts, and when his manager at the dock hears he fires Elliot as he also believes in Elliot's talents and sees this as a way to help him.

Elliot begins hanging out with Suzanne, whose husband was a famous singer. Suzanne suggests Elliot and Lilly work together to create music, however the pair don't get on well at first despite it being pretty obvious they fancy each other.

They soon begin to grow closer and produce some great music. Lilly and Elliot eventually get together and have sex on his boat. Shortly, after this Elliot's music career takes off after he goes viral online and begins touring the country promoting his music.

As Elliot's career is flourishing, Oliver comes back into his life, immediately getting Lilly's suspicions up. Oliver asks to be part of Elliot's career, claiming he got there because of him and Elliot used his words for his music.

a beautiful life ending explained

Elliot agrees to let Oliver record a song, and naturally it doesn't go well. Suzanne kicks Oliver out and gives Elliot a talking to about his career. After their tense conversation Elliot storms out to Lilly, who drops a major bombshell - she's pregnant.

How does A Beautiful Life end?

Following the shock of Lilly revealing she's pregnant, Elliot deserts her and goes back to his boat to discover it's on fire.

Elliot heads on tour and does his first live performance, but obviously it's not everything he dreamt of as Lilly isn't there. Lilly heads to London and ignores all of Elliot's calls and begins working with a new music company.

Suzanne heads to London to find her daughter and repair their relationship.

a beautiful life ending explained

Later that day Elliot is appearing on a talk show where he says he didn't write his hit single about anyone special. He then goes onto perform his song on the talk show and ends up seeing Lilly who has come to watch him perform.

He then goes off tangent and sings a new song which starts with "'Baby, I'm pregnant', she said", obviously referencing Lilly's pregnancy. The song and film ends with the suggestion that Elliot is happy to be with Lilly and raise their child together.


A Beautiful Life is available on Netflix now

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