Energy minister: Ukraine's power grid resilient against Russian attacks

Russia will continue to attack Ukrainian energy sector
Russia will continue to attack Ukrainian energy sector

Despite ongoing Russian assaults on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko assured the public there will be no nationwide blackout. He made these remarks during an April 20 appearance on national television.

"Unfortunately, there is no doubt that the enemy's attacks will continue," Halushchenko said.

"However, power system is intact. There will be no total blackout in the country."

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While dismissing the possibility of a total blackout, the minister emphasized the need for readiness. "Although a complete power outage is unlikely, Ukrainians must be prepared for any scenario," he said. Halushchenko also noted that the energy sector is fully engaged in averting the worst-case scenarios.

"As the experience of the last years shows, we keep our word," minister added.

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