Engadget Podcast: What's up with 'Overwatch 2?'

We dive into Blizzard's long-awaited beta.

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So does the Overwatch 2 beta live up to all of the hype and anticipation? This week, Jessica Conditt joins Devindra to chat about Blizzard’s long-awaited sequel and why she thinks it’s worth the wait. Also, we discuss why you should care about data privacy given the current wave of anti-abortion legislation, and why the Embracer Group is gobbling up so many developers.

Engadget · What’s up with Overwatch 2?

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  • Overwatch 2 beta brings some freshness to a stale game, but is it enough? – 1:15

  • What does the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade mean for online privacy in the US? – 13:28

  • Swedish game company Embracer buys several Square Enix studios – 17:47

  • Sonos is reportedly working on a $250 sound bar called the Ray – 21:46

  • Obi-Wan trailer drops for May the 4th – 23:19

  • Engadget’s coverage of Formula-E races in Monaco – 24:53

  • Working on – 27:14

  • Pop culture picks – 29:59

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