Enjoy a summer of fun in Cargill

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CARGILL – Cargill promises to be a busy place this summer, with festivities beginning on the Canada Day weekend.

On July 1, artist and author Cindy Matthews will be at the Mill Pond Gallery and Bruce County Bookstore to launch her book of short stories, Took You So Long. July 2, Steve Gregg will be in Cargill with his team of Clydesdales to provide wagon rides. July 3, it’s Bruce County Historical Society Book Day.

July 16 features Barn in the Queen’s Bush with Jon Radojkovic.

There’ll be another book launch on July 29, this time for John Carter’s Ploughboy. That’s followed on July 30 with the Cargill Children’s Book Festival.

Aug. 7 features Ginger Press Book Day with Maryann Thomas.

Pete and Marla Bradford will be demonstrating a craft that’s part of Cargill’s history – Barrel Making.

On Aug. 27, it’s Blacksmithing with Daniel Linkenheld.

The summer culminates with Meet the Artists Day on Sept. 1 – there are now 40 artists who have work at the Mill Pond Gallery.

“There are so many talented local people, both authors and artists,” saod Kevin McKague.

He added that after two years of COVID, people are eager to get out and enjoy summer, and Cargill’s celebration of local talent will play a key role in that.

He said he’s especially excited about the Children’s Book Festival (July 30). At the book store, there’ll be local authors who produce children’s books. Among them will be Bonnie Gardiner of Chatsworth, author of four books. Gardiner is also an artist. Illustrator and artist Ken Thornburn, of Bruce County, has done colouring books for children. Anne Brody Horwood has written, My Kind and Caring Animal Friends. There’ll be readings, book signing and art activities but also ice cream, games and fun activities for kids.

Many of the activities are book-oriented, in particular, the two book launches. Matthews (July 1) is an artist whose works are in the Mill Pond Gallery, and is launching her first book of short stories (see story in the June 2 Herald-Times.)

Dr. John Carter (July 29), historian and author, is a member of the Bruce County Historical Society. His book Ploughboy – named for the steamer – is about shipping.

Then there are the book days, July 3 with the Bruce County Historical Society and Aug. 7 with Ginger Press of Owen Sound.

McKague noted the Bruce County Bookstore carries the historical society’s books including The Bruce and Heart of the Great Lakes.

Author Jon Radojkovic (July 16, 2-4 p.m.) is an expert on barn building and timber framing, and will be bringing along antique tools.

“He may do a demonstration,” said McKague.

Barrel making was part of Cargill’s history, and visitors will have the chance to get a close look not only at how barrels are made, but what can be done with them. Pete and Marla Bradford create furniture and other items from barrels.

This isn’t the only craft demonstration – blacksmith Daniel Linkenheld (Aug. 27) is a Hanover area artist who works with metal; he’s an expert bladesmith (knife maker) who is also a painter.

Always popular are the “gentle giants” of the horse world – Steve Gregg’s Clydesdales (July 2). The wagon rides and all the other activities will be free of charge – part of what McKague called “a summer of fun” in Cargill.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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