Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Busy Philipps among stars reacting to SCOTUS leak: 'Be angry. Be loud. Be outraged.'

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Like the rest of the country, celebrities are reacting to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court court opinion that appears to overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Monday night — as many stars climbed the staircase to attend the star-studded Met Gala in NYC — Politico published the draft of a majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito in which he called the 1973 case, which legalized abortion nationwide, "egregiously wrong" and said it "must be overruled." Reactions to the news were immediate — and voices have only amplified.

Amy Schumer called for people to go "to the streets" to protest — as gatherings are planned across the country at 5 p.m. "Give us our dignity or we will take it," the comedian wrote. This is why we fight. See you out there ladies."

Lena Dunham wrote that her "mother raised me never to say pro-life, because the people who call themselves pro-life are using faux humanist rhetoric to disguise what they truly are: anti-choice. And make no mistake, if reproductive choice is denied it is not just women and people assigned female at birth who suffer — it’s everyone who has hung their hat on the idea that America is a place where we can pursue freedom in all its forms." She said the "overturning of a constitutional right — may I repeat, *constitutional right* — sets the stage for access to birth control to be denied (and birth control is about so much more than reproduction, as many people are dependent on it for their health), the already limited rights of our trans siblings to be repealed and for the ignorance of white cis men controlling a country they refuse to celebrate for its diversity to continue."

Busy Philipps also called for people to "show up" and "be loud." The actress said, "This has been in motion for most of my life, this slow crank back in time but I will be damned if I allow it to happen without a fight. Overturning Roe and Casey is against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. It has NOTHING to do with BABIES and EVERYTHING to do with white supremacy and power hungry politicians attempting to keep systems of oppression in place. (And I don’t have time or energy to explain to you why if you don’t understand- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH) Be angry. Be loud. Be outraged. But most of all SHOW THE F*** UP."

Sarah Silverman tweeted that she can't believe that, "The idea of wearing masks to protect others or get a vaccine was met with My Body My Choice. But when it comes to people with uteruses having autonomy over their bodies… I both can’t and can believe this is happening. They’ve been leading up to this for years."

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who attended the Met Gala wearing a dress paying tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other American women who have inspired her, called it "not surprising. But still outrageous."

Padma Lakshmi called it "deeply upsetting and horrifying."

(Screenshot: Padma Lakshmi via Instagram)
(Screenshot: Padma Lakshmi via Instagram)

Whoopi Goldberg gave a fiery speech about human rights on The View, saying if this happens we will go back to when people were "tripping over women in bathrooms" who were "giving themselves abortions."

Olivia Munn shared a circulating meme that says, "We should pass a woman's heartbeat law: If a woman has a heartbeat, you can't tell her what to do with her goddamn body. Ever. Period."

Here are some more reactions from Elizabeth Banks, Mark Ruffalo, George Takei, Jameela Jamil and others:

The opinion leaked on Monday and was confirmed Tuesday when Chief Justice John Roberts called it a "betrayal" that the document was leaked. Roberts noted that the draft ruling does not represent the court’s final decision, and called for an investigation into the source of the leak.

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