Lisa LaFlamme Forced Out as Chief News Anchor at Canada’s CTV Network: “I Was Blindsided”

Lisa LaFlamme, chief news anchor at Canadian broadcaster CTV, has taken to Twitter to announce she has been forced out as host of CTV National News, the country’s top-rated newscast.

“On June 29, I was informed that [CTV parent] Bell Media made a ‘business decision’ to end my contract, bringing to a sudden close my long career with CTV News. I was blindsided and I’m still shocked and saddened by Bell Media’s decision,” LaFlamme announced Monday.

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Since 2011, LaFlamme anchored CTV National News, and before that she worked for 10 years as CTV News’ national affairs correspondent. Bell Media issued a statement Monday explaining the decision to replace LaFlamme with Omar Sachedina.

“Recognizing changing viewer habits, CTV recently advised LaFlamme that it had made the business decision to move its acclaimed news show, CTV National News, and the role of its chief news anchor in a different direction,” the CTV parent said.

Sachedina, who is promoted from national affairs correspondent at CTV National News, was born in Vancouver to parents of Indian descent from Uganda. He holds a degree in political science from McGill University and a masters in journalism from Columbia University.

He joined CTV in 2009 and is a graduate of The Poynter Institute. “I am honored to follow exemplary journalists, such as Lisa LaFlamme and Lloyd Robertson, who have had the privilege of anchoring this newscast and established it as a go-to source for current events. And I am excited to work with our outstanding and dedicated team in this new capacity,” said Sachedina in his own statement.

LaFlamme also disclosed that she was asked to keep the details of her departure confidential from her colleagues and the public until her exit from CTV had been negotiated, and that those talks had concluded. “I guess this is my sign-off from CTV, so I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you,” she added on her Twitter account.

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