Top A-List Hollywood Marketer Anthony Katz Shares His Key Strategies For Phenomenal Success in 2020

In 2016, Billboard Magazine once called him a master in music marketer. In 2020, Yahoo cosigns him as ‘the genius’ in music marketing.

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We often think about what goes on behind the scenes that contributes to a meteoric rise of an artist or band. Who are the ones running the real marketing campaigns of all top Hollywood talent today, and how are they conducting their own practices and their lives to help creative talent reach such amazing levels of success?

While many say marketing is a bunch of B. It's really not. In today's digital world, if you really know how to your message across digitally, you can sell ice to the eskimos. It takes a lot of work to build a fanbase but hard work gets the job done.

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This week, Yahoo had the chance to explore the very topic of how to reach phenomenal success online. We are excited to catch up with Anthony Katz - co-founder and COO of MPT Agency known as MusicPromoToday, iNexxus and many other companies. Anthony Katz, known to be one of the most highly respected, a very special and unique force in the music marketing world. Despite creating a ten-year string of successes in a fickle, volatile market, from working with acts from The American Idol, Americas Got Talent, Swizz Beatz, Universal Music Group, Warner Music and many more, Anthony Katz is celebrated more for his personal nature of knowledge in marketing than his stellar accomplishments.

“Anthony Katz knows quite a lot about marketing stars from the very beginning” cites The Source Magazine, earlier this year. His very first client in music was Warner Music in 2012; a viral digital campaign for a new signee at Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. In the same year, he has also played a key role in the success of the ‘Monster Mondays’ viral campaign working with Swizz Beatz.

Since then, Katz has promoted music videos and records of Drake, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jay-Z and the all star list goes on. If he's not hired by the artist, Anthony says he is dealing directly with the record label or the writer/producer of the record.

In addition to his role as a music marketer/ growth hacker, Anthony Katz has also successfully orchestrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 brands and well-known corporations like Ford, Philips, Corona, Sony, Virgin Mobile and many more.

On top of his impressive professional resume, he's a graduate in Marketing and has a strong background in Computer Sciences…He is stunningly intelligent, highly educated, but also has surprising street smarts which we believe he applies deftly in his negotiating tactics… giving him a very unique background in the music industry.

We caught up with Anthony Katz to discuss his background, strategies for success and key lessons in working with some of Hollywood’s top talent today. Here’s a few insights given by Anthony Katz himself.

1- Believe in yourself. Dream big all the time.

I was raised to believe I could achieve any of my dreams if I worked hard and took advantage of opportunities, says Anthony Katz. Deep down, even the most successful people, have the same insecurities, worries, problems as anyone else. The better people are the ones that truly believe in themselves, in what they do. That’s something I’ve always admired. Dream big. If you have a vision, double it. Because you will never exceed your wildest expectation. Set the bar really really high.

2- Create your own motivation.

I was just always highly motivated and driven when it came to the internet. I was and still am curious to learn everything. I’ve always had a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity from when I was young until now when it comes to marketing stuff online. I think being motivated plays a key role and I believe this applies to many lines of work.

3- Appreciate the small stuff. Learn to be grateful.

Nowadays, 99.9% of the thousands of artists that inquire to work with our agency every month want to become a household brand. There are some incredible benefits to being famous, there are some really fun, glamorous experiences. But there are also the long hours, the exhaustion, and the sheer frustration of fighting everyday to earn everything you get. It’s a game of never giving up.

And if you want the truth. The most fun you can have comes from things that are not about being rich and famous.

Focus on work when you’re at work. And remember - life is more than being successful at work. When you're with family, it's family time - 100%.

Take care of your loved ones, be grateful for everything that's given to you.

Appreciate the small stuff. Be grateful.

4- Give your best shot.

When you're asked to do something, give your best shot. Become indispensable. Think twice about everything. Make sure you're always having fun. Whatever the project is.

5- Give back.

This is a bedrock requirement to achieve success. It's more important to build legacy over just wealth. Give back, teach the new generation, educate and document your "journey".

Situations evolve, don't wait to reach the finish line, the "end goal" you have.. to start giving back. Instead, give back all the time.

As one of North America's most successful serial entrepreneurs, Anthony Katz continues to help chart the careers of signed and independent artists. In the process he's learned how to build a big, satisfying career—for them, and for himself. But for all of his personal integrity, it is his business acumen that has given his entrepreneurship and marketing career longevity. This interview has been edited and condensed. Follow Anthony Katz on Twitter and Instagram.