Eric Stonestreet wears an Exit 313 trucker hat. K-State fans turn it into a viral hit

Eric Stonestreet modeled a new trucker cap on social media over the weekend, and faster than KU fans could say, “what does Exit 313 mean,” the hat with a highway sign logo sold out.

Stonestreet’s fellow Kansas State University fans and alumni know Exit 313 well.

It’s the Kansas Highway 177 exit off Interstate 70 that leads north across the Kansas River and into Manhattan, home of the Wildcats. That stretch is nicknamed Bill Snyder Highway after the school’s beloved longtime football coach, now retired.

“Kansas State fans! If you know you know. Check out these hats my pal makes!” the former “Modern Family” star, K-State grad and KCK native tweeted over the weekend.

Stonestreet led his fellow Wildcats to this website link:

On Tuesday, the 313 folks — Stonestreet didn’t namecheck his friend — tweeted that “the last two days (have) been epic!” As of Wednesday, most of the styles in their launch on Sunday were on back order. But more are coming, the company announced.

“There are probably a few spaces in the world, for most of us, where the heart stirs when you encounter it,” the company writes on its website. “Exit 313 for many K-Staters is one of those spots. It’s the stop for memories, the building of careers, the swelling of pride and so much more.”

Clearly the exit is more than just a spot in the road.

“My favorite exit! My hometown. My Manhappiness,” tweeted one fan.

Exit 313 is also the name of a K-State fan page on Facebook, with more than 37,000 members. They loved the hats.

“Looks great go Cats. KU fans wish they had something like that,” one Wildcat fan gushed. (For the record, there are three Lawrence exits off the Kansas Turnpike.)

The caps are adjustable, mesh and of various colors, each adorned with a patch of the exit sign. They cost $29.99, but a couple of limited-edition versions with braided-rope detailing are $39.99.

One white cap with a light purple emblem is called the “Roadie Lavender.”

Quick, someone send one to Taylor “Lavender Haze” Swift. (You’ll thank us later.)

“We will continue to add more Exit 313 Merchandise to this page in a variety of formats,” the company wrote on Facebook.

“We’re excited about the interest we have (received) about merchandise and look forward to exploring ways to curate this brand in a way that allows it to stand on its own.”

(And, as one fan astutely noted, in ways that avoid licensing fees. Just saying.)

The hats have touched off a widespread case of 313 fever as fans clamor on Facebook for more merch.

What about Exit 313 refrigerator magnets? Pint glasses? T-shirts? Decals? Patches?

And for those fans who drive into Manhattan from the west?

“I wish you’d make one for the exit 303 users,” one fan requested, with others seconding that motion.

“Yes, agreed,” wrote a fellow Wildcat on Facebook. “We should show diversity here.

“Eastern folks usually take the 313 exit, while the Western folks take the 303. I been on both sides, and regardless of which exit, both feels good because it’s almost ‘home.’”

Said the hat makers: “On it!”