Erin French Leaves the Lost Kitchen During the Off Season to Travel in an Airstream for New Show (Exclusive)

The Magnolia Network star is known for her notoriously hard-to-book restaurant in Maine called The Lost Kitchen

Erin French is setting her sights on new inspiration.

The restaurateur — known for her notoriously hard-to-book restaurant in Maine, The Lost Kitchen — has a new show on Magnolia Network, Getting Lost with Erin French. PEOPLE can exclusively reveal the trailer above, which shows French traveling the country with her husband Michael Dutton.

“It’s winter in Maine, that perfect opportunity to hibernate for a bit and start to really think about the season ahead,” French says at the start of the clip. “But this year, I’m not waiting for inspiration. I’m going to go out and I’m going to find it.”

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The Lost Kitchen closes for the winter and begins picking postcards (the only way to get a reservation!) for the season in April of every year. So throughout the eight-episode series, the couple travel around in their renovated Airstream.

“This has been a dream of both mine and Michael’s for a long time,” she says over a scene of the two exploring a beach and then a cactus-filled dessert.

Standing in front of a waterfall, French appears genuinely in awe of the journey she’s embarking on. “I mean look at this!” she shouts.

<p>Courtesy of Magnolia Network</p> Erin French and her husband Michael

Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Erin French and her husband Michael

“I never went to culinary school. I never got to travel very much,” she says. “This is really going to be about a food adventure.”

While there are silly instances — like when French and Dutton say, “Holy cow!” to literal cows on a farm — other scenes in the trailer feature moments of true inspiration. “I don’t know why I get teary about food, it’s so good,” she says as a chef she meets makes her a meal that “tastes like home.”

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For the renowned chef, it’s hard to believe she still has any “firsts” to check off, but the show proves there’s still so much for anyone and everyone to explore. “First avocado I’ve ever picked,” French says as she stands under a canopy of green leaves.

<p>Courtesy of Magnolia Network</p> Erin French

Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Erin French

From California to Kentucky, Arizona and more, the Magnolia Network series sees French and Dutton stepping out of their East Coast hometown and into a world of food adventures.

“My intention here is to just soak in as much as I can in this off season and come home and feel ready to roll,” she closes out the trailer.

<p>Courtesy of Magnolia Network</p> Erin French

Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Erin French

The author has also starred in Magnolia Network’s The Lost Kitchen, which brought viewers into her restaurant in Freedom, Maine.

Getting Lost with Erin French premieres Sunday, June 23 on Magnolia Network at 2 p.m ET with a new episode every Sunday. The episodes stream the same day on Max and discovery+.

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