New erotic massage regulations don't go far enough, critics say

A bylaw regulating the location of erotic massage parlours was adopted last night by Edmonton city council but some say it doesn’t go far enough.

Under the new regulations, there must be at least 100 metres between a body rub parlour and areas where children or youth congregate, such as a park or school.

Some critics say that isn’t enough and called for a distance of at least 300 metres.

“Let’s not make it easy for new owners to set up more parlours especially in vulnerable communities,” said Kate Quinn from the Sexual Exploitation Working Group.

But councillors worried that making the bylaw too restrictive would push the parlours underground and out of the city’s control.

“We know it's happening,” said Coun. Kim Krushell.

“How do you have a balance, where at least we're licensing and controlling them? And where EPS has access?"

Council will now look at making more amendments to the bylaw. Administration has been asked to prepare more information on the issue.

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